Italian bathroom factory SAVIO FIRMINO (Comp.6)

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Luxury Italian bathrooms are a kind of interior phenomenon. SAVIO FIRMINO has been creating furniture in a classic style for more than a year, and groping for an individual concept. Italian bathroom factory SAVIO FIRMINO (Comp.6) is a traditional Italian headset with a unique mood. ornate curves, a variety of decor and premium quality are what distinguishes the presented furniture. Bathrooms differ significantly from living rooms in terms of humidity and temperature.

Creating an Italian bathroom factory SAVIO FIRMINO (Comp.6) designers carefully worked with every detail, turned to the latest technological solutions in order to adapt furniture to a humid environment, with resistance to water and temperature changes.

The embodiment of their desires was a luxurious set of furniture, noble materials of the elite price category, which passed thorough checks for compliance with standards. the set will make it possible to equip stylish classic furniture.

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