Italian bathroom furniture 8092/8094 CITY factory TIFERNO

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Italian bathrooms in the “classic” style are a special home space. TIFERNO has been creating bathroom furniture in a classic style for many years, and was able to form a recognizable image. Italian bathroom furniture 8092/8094 CITY by TIFERNO factory is a classic set from Italy with a unique folk character. ornate curves, luxurious decorative elements and premium quality are the differences of this headset. Bathrooms differ in many ways from living rooms in terms of temperature and humidity level.

Creating Italian bathroom furniture 8092/8094 CITY of the TIFERNO factory, the designers carefully worked with every detail, using the latest technologies in order to make water-resistant furniture resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

The realization of this task was a luxurious set of furniture, noble materials of the elite price category, which underwent special treatments to increase protective properties. the set will give the opportunity to equip a traditional Italian design.

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