Italian bathroom furniture 8939 DELUXE factory TIFERNO

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Italian bathrooms are a special space in the house. TIFERNO has been creating furniture in a classic style for many years, and groping for an individual concept. Italian bathroom furniture 8939 DELUXE by TIFERNO factory is a traditional Italian set with a unique mood. a harmonious silhouette, an abundance of decorative finishes and an impeccable embodiment are the differences of this headset. Bathrooms differ significantly from other domestic premises in terms of humidity and temperature.

Creating Italian bathroom furniture 8939 DELUXE from the TIFERNO factory, the designers carefully worked with every detail, introduced modern technologies in order to make water-resistant furniture resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

The result of their efforts was an elegant furniture set, noble materials of the elite price category, which underwent additional processing to increase protection. the kit will make it possible to equip a chic bathroom interior.

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