Italian dressing room 9730 factory BELLOTTI ESIO

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Italian dressing room 9730 by BELLOTTI ESIO factory is a traditional example of Italian furniture culture. Stylish and elegant dressing rooms will fit appropriately into the furniture of a noble aristocratic home. The factory has an impeccable reputation as an elite furniture manufacturer in a classic style. Her products embody the charming mood of classics, skillful handicraft work, innovative approaches to production, ergonomics of design, perfection of decorative finishing.

Stylish and elegant Italian dressing room 9730 factory BELLOTTI ESIO is a profitable and rational investment. The production uses high-quality veneer and a solid array of exceptionally noble varieties of wood. Decorative finishing is carried out by skilled handmade craftsmen. All materials are completely safe for humans: wax, varnishes and water-based paints.

Among the exceptional qualities of the headset is also high functionality: durable metal fittings, ergonomic blocks, convenient drawers, lighting and mirrors.

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