Italian Dressing room Class factory Rampoldi Casa

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Italian dressing room Class factory Rampoldi Casa — a unique collection of practical and stylish dressing rooms. respectable products from RAMPOLDI CREATIONS are the standard of chic and luxury, it is often preferred by bright people who like a non—trivial approach to design. The creative nature of Art Deco products is reflected in an elegant wardrobe set: presentable decorative trim, noble wood species, secret hand-carving techniques, thoughtful design, abundance of functional details.

These Italian wardrobes are made of solid solid wood, they use accessories made of precious metal. Many elements of the headset are carried out by experienced Italian furniture makers. Italian dressing room Class factory Rampoldi Casa is a standard of excellent taste and high quality characteristics, which competently combines the traditions of Italian furniture business and the audacity and comfort of Art Deco style, the convenience of every detail and compositional harmony.

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